USIL and PROMPERÚ awarded the first "Authentic Peruvian Cuisine" certification to restaurant 'Lima', in Moscow


The restaurant 'Lima', located in Moscow (Russia), was the first one to receive the certification "Authentic Peruvian Cuisine", in the Silver category.

The recognition has been granted by USIL and PROMPERÚ, as part of an initiative promoted by both institutions to promote the certification of the Peruvian gastronomic offer around the world.

Orlando Baldeón, owner of the restaurant 'Lima', expressed his emotion for the achievement and commented that he will continue working to obtain the Gold category. "We started 10 years ago with a small business and now we are a restaurant for 150 people", he said.

The founder and president of the USIL Board, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry, highlighted the Peruvian entrepreneur's effort to approve the rigorous evaluation and commented that USIL and PROMPERÚ will visit various restaurants in other countries, not only to promote the certification, but also to train chefs and owners who want to be certified. "The most important thing is that we make a Peruvian goal before the game with Denmark", said Diez Canseco.

About the certification

PROMPERÚ and USIL signed a collaboration agreement to promote the certification of Peruvian gastronomy —which exist in restaurants and gastronomic ventures that offer Peruvian dishes in different parts of the world—.

The agreement develops a technical culinary procedure to: validate restaurants abroad that are called "Peruvian", promote the consumption of national supplies abroad and guarantee diners a true culinary experience from our country.

The main goals are certify the concept of Peruvian Gastronomy, promote the use of Peruvian superfoods abroad, and implement a system of evaluation and certification of restaurants and gastronomic ventures that have Peruvian dishes on their menu, with Peruvian preparation techniques and Peruvian ingredients.

That way, the "Authentic Peruvian Cuisine" certification developed by USIL was born, which will allow Peruvian restaurants and other gastronomic ventures abroad to validate their ingredients, cooking procedures and presentation of the diverse and rich national gastronomy.

To certify the Peruvian restaurants in the world —with the help of PROMPERÚ— will give us an important presence as a country. Any citizen from any part of the world will know which restaurants have the authentic Peruvian flavor; this is a way to reinforce the 'Marca Perú'.



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